Management by Process

Do give to the customers a high-level product according to the terms of the contract, to get the best result in terms of reliability, realization time and in line with professional ethics are to be considered as a Cosmotec’s unbreakable duties. For this reason all the process concerning the single activities carried out by our organization were defined in order to increase the customer’s satisfaction according to the requisites, having as only aim the steady improvement.

To  listen to the customer’s requirements, to analyze the market situation, in order to act bringing our added value; all that require a lean organization which is able to manage in the best way its own work orders on the point of view of: Time Costs, Quality and Security.

So the organizations has arranged to identify and to manage the different business processes, keeping under steady control the connections and the combinations / interactions which bind the different business processes according to the scheme.


Quality Policy

With “quality policy” is intended the instrument to carry our organization towards an improvement of its own result, for the quality of the product, organizational economical and developmental results of both market and logistic side.

Therefore our quality policy is based on the continuous result given by the supervising of the client satisfaction, eventually also of his personal requirements, by the professional development of our staff, by particular resources needed for extraordinary intervention.

The Direction of our organization, over that, promotes Quality as one of the strategic objectives to reach and improve together with gains and good conductions of our organization.

The success of the “quality systems” has references to cultural and professional improvement of every single re source.

The most important role for this objective is played by every manager this is obtained with communication of his own experience and knowledge and with the choice of suitable training courses.

The “quality system” is a priority of both the Direction and all the manager, assuring a steady personal commitment in the system support and result verification.

The business policy of our organization is materialized in the attempt to realize the following point in a period of time which is suitable to his own economical and organizational resources.

  • Producing and fitting out adequate quality services, with efficiency and flexibility, over to satisfy the exigencies and the expectation of clients, accomplishing at the same time the profit needed to the continues development and improvement of the enterprise.

  • Identifying and realize the opportunities that, optimizing the enterprise characteristic, give the chance to take inner and exterior advantages over to maintain a high competitiveness level.

  • Aiming at removing inefficiency taking as first objective a defectiveness lever closet o zero

  • Developing a deep integration in the enterprise both in vertical and in horizontal through education and training at all the levels and thorough a no-stop improvement.

  • Adapting the enterprise to the client’s requirements through quality analysis for the service given

The Direction is committed to adopt all the measures so that both the basic and the annual Quality policy will be diffused, included, endorsed and sustained inside all the levels of the organization, favoring e promoting the development and the improvement of the Business System for Quality as an instrument to reach successfully the arranged objectives.

All the objectives and the commitment taken on by the Direction and by the interested organizations are quantified and so measurable.



Cosmotec has succeeded  during the years in adapting its own business model to the different requirements of the market, operating as general contractor is globally present during all the work phases.

The long term experience acquired by realizing many important works and by a highly qualified staff, allows Cosmotec to realize in synergy works, which require building and plant engineering skills, offering this way the maximum profit in terms of work schedule contain and operating costs reduction.

From planning to realization till the delivery of the finished work Cosmotec guarantees the best results, being the only re spousal interlocutor.