Cosmotec S.r.l. operates in the civil and industrial building field.
Is attends to both civil and industrial building planning, realization and maintenance.
The steady company research and the skill to keep abreast of the times have directed COSMOTEC in the last year towards a steady quality pursuit.

Cosmotec represent today the best guarantee to operate at maximum quality level tank to the huge heritage of professional experiences and innovation technologies.
The strength of the whole structure results from different factors:

  • The good use of human resources;
  • The steady study in depth of the specialization;
  • The great company flexibility;
  • The relationship with customers based on quality, punctuality, efficiency.

Professionalism and highly technological contents of its constructions, allow Cosmotec to operate successfully on the National territory in the field of private concerns and public authority.
The society boasts lots of references both in the industrial and private field and also in the public authority.

The current organization and operating structure and the deep experience achieved in over 50 years of works, which have been always carried out with full satisfaction from the customers, allow Cosmotec to face without any special problems also big and highly specialized works, but also to present itself as the ideal partner for any customer who are looking for a lean, qualified and reliable building contractor.



Cosmotec began its story as building contractors in 1950 with Egidio Mosconi, carrying out its activity at the beginning in civil building; through the years the enterprise’s range of action has increased because new partners mine it, till in the year 1991 Cosmotec society, which operates in all the building sectors both civil and industrial, was set up. Cosmotec has been quickly able to stand up and to establish itself among the most qualified constructors of Brescia’s province but not only.

The achieved technological skill, the well-established entrepreneurial size, the cooperation with skilled professional-men and the acknowledged financial firmness allow Cosmotec to carry out and to manage directly great important works in all the building sectors; civil and industrial, both private and public. Cosmotec’s way to work is based on quality and seriousness.

The society has directed its own business philosophy through the years to construction and sale of high-quality real-estate. The everyday care is focused on the pursuit of the TOTAL QUALITY: from planning, to management, to installation; in order to offer a product which is both on the same wavelength as what surround sit and technologically advanced.